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Full buffet catering
for groups of 75 to 10,000

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Mexican Inn Fajita Menu

              Mexican Inn Café's:
                    * Beef and chicken fajitas, with onions and bell peppers
              Sour cream and cheese
              Traditional refried beans and Mexican rice
              Our own original chips and salsa
              Pico de gallo and jalapeño peppers
              Our own homemade pecan pralines
              Lemonade and iced tea, with accompaniments
              Tableware: plastic plates, cups and cutlery packets

              Servers provided for one hour at no additional charge
              Red-skirted service tables
              All necessary equipment and personnel
              Cleanup of service area
              The most courteous and efficient catering personnel in
                  the business!

              $12.95 per adult plate, plus tax

      Menu Options:
              $1.00 per plate to add queso
              $1.50 per plate to add guacamole
Welcome to Mexican Inn Cafe